Parishes, Schools & Catholic Organizations

Plan your gift.

First, it’s good to understand if and why you need an endowment. What is your organization’s vision for the future? What role will an endowment play in that vision? Answering these questions will help you structure your endowment fund in a way that will meet your organization’s long-term funding needs, and provide a compelling case for growing your endowment.

Give to an existing fund.

  • Additional gifts to existing funds are accepted in any amount at any time. Gifts are tax deductible and donors receive prompt gift acknowledgement for tax purposes.
  • Your parish, school or Catholic organization may accept gifts for the benefit of your fund.
  • In some cases, organization assets may be transferred to your endowment fund. Please contact us for assistance.

Establish a new fund.

  • All parish, Catholic school and other Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Marquette are asked to establish new endowments within the U.P. Catholic Foundation.
  • New funds may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000. When you customize our simple 2-page boilerplate Fund Agreement, start-up legal fees are waived. Once the fund reaches $50,000, annual distributions begin.
  • Diocesan endowments listed in the Official Catholic Directory may be merged into the U.P. Catholic Foundation.

Create a culture of sustained, generous giving.

  • Educate people how to give: regularly, annual fund, special gifts (campaigns, memorials, endowments), Christmas and year-end, planned and deferred gifts.
  • Ask people to remember your parish, school or organization in their will or estate plan.
  • Hold estate planning seminars at your parish, school or organization which help connect wise-planning strategies to stewardship of the Church.
  • Create an education page on your website; link it to the UPCF website.
  • Regularly include giving-information in your newsletters, bulletins and announcements.
  • Allow individuals to give personal witness to the joy of generous giving.
  • Conduct a campaign to fund your endowment and create enthusiasm.