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We asked our board members what the Eucharist means to them and how does Christ's sacrifice in the Eucharist motivate them in their service to the church. 

Laurie Stupak, President

St. Anne, Escanaba

“Our Catholic faith teaches us that during the Last Supper, Jesus asked us to remember him when we receive his Body and Blood during the sacrament of Holy Communion.  It is the Eucharist that fills us with grace and spiritual nourishment to guide us through our daily lives.  The Eucharist provides us with the strength and wisdom to use our God given talents to live our faith and honor Christ’s sacrifice through lives of sacrifice and love for one another.”

Kendra Youren, Vice President

St. Michael, Marquette

“The Eucharist means everything!  The grace provided by the Sacrament encourages me to live a life radically surrendered to the Gospel and poured out for those that I encounter daily.”

Jim Gray, Secretary

Our Lady of the Snows Mission, Hessel

“The Eucharist is the meal of fellowship that bonds the spiritual life of Jesus with the physical life of the people where he gives himself away (sacrifice) for the salvation of the world.

Being closer to God through the eucharist motivates me to spread the word in a time when the world seems to be in a constant state of chaos and losing sight of the big picture that Jesus taught us.  This also motivates me to use my experience to physically do things to serve the church, whether it is supporting the business side of our local churches, being a handyman or contributing to the success of the Diocese UPCF.”

Stephen Yanni

Holy Name of Mary, Sault Ste. Marie

"The Eucharist is a reminder that the Lord was willing to walk and suffer with us in earthly human form, and that with the Lord, anything is possible."


Rev. Jose Cherian

St. Cecilia, Caspian

St. Agnes, Iron River

Immaculate Conception, Watersmeet

“I always have a fight, an enemy within me, self-love. But each and every time when I am before God, he shows the way and Christ is that way and the Eucharist is the answer. The sacrificial love of Jesus teaches me the real value of sacrifice.”


Tom Kurkowski

Sacred Heart, L'Anse

“When I see people receiving the Eucharist at mass and then leaving the church afterwards, it reminds me that Jesus is with us everywhere!”

Rev. Larry Van Damme

St. Paul, Negaunee

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission, Palmer

“For me, everything flows from the Eucharist… and returns to it.  As a priest, I am truly blessed to be able to offer The Mass each day.”

Patrick Sommers

Guardian Angels, Crystal Falls

“The Eucharist means to me that I have the true belief that Jesus is fully alive body, blood, soul and divinity every time I receive communion.

Why I do what I do? My true answer is, I don't really know why. I guess you could say that it's my love of God and my family. To do my best in service to my community at Guardian Angels. The prompting of the Holy Spirit is in my ear speaking to me quietly and softly. I must be listening because I keep doing. There are many challenges to stay active working for the church but Jesus Christ giving the ultimate sacrifice makes my challenges easier to navigate.”

Jane Surrell

St. Michael, Marquette

“Having the Eucharist means you can always find Jesus at any time, in tabernacles throughout the world. His presence gives us a source of strength and peace. Adoration inspires me and gives me strength to be his disciple through my volunteer work, participating in my Church community and helping those in need.”