Bishop’s Ambassadors

Bishop’s Ambassador Event: October 5, 2021

As Catholics, we have been given Christ's great commission to share the Gospel in our homes and places of work, among friends and neighbors, and throughout our nation and the world. Select members of our Diocesan Church are being called to help achieve this by joining together to serve God and neighbor by accepting this invitation to become a member of the Bishop's Ambassadors.

The Bishop's Ambassadors is a membership organization led by Bishop John Doerfler and perpetually by future bishops of the Diocese of Marquette. The primary objective of the Bishop's Ambassadors is to hand on to future generations the great, living tradition of faith that has been handed down by past generations.

Each fall the Bishop's Ambassadors gather for a special Mass and dinner with the bishop. They are the backbone of the Legacy of Faith initiative, and they serve as a motivated group of concerned Catholic leaders that the bishop consults with and speaks to regarding key diocesan issues and concerns.

Bishop's Ambassadors are leadership level donors who have committed at least $25,000 to any endowed fund of the diocese, and share the vision for preserving and fostering the Catholic faith through endowment building and grant making.

How to Join the Bishop's Ambassadors

  • A special way to honor generous supporters.
  • Gifts can be made to any existing endowed fund, or new endowed funds can be established within the Upper Peninsula Catholic Foundation to benefit any parish, school or other diocesan entity.
  • Your gift commitment may be fulfilled through various types of planned gifts such as cash, securities, pledges and deferred gifts.
  • Your gift may be completed in a manner and time frame that best meets you needs.

We are Here to Help the Church

We are here to serve you and will work with you and your legal, tax or financial advisors in planning to meet your charitable goals. For more information on planned giving or on becoming a Bishop's Ambassador, please contact us here.


Please make checks payable to "U.P. Catholic Foundation".

For assistance with gifts of stock or other planned gifts, please contact Rob Taylor at (906) 227-9108 or email here.

Thank you and God bless you!

Three Bishop’s Gather to Celebrate Ambassadors of the Faith

Pictured right: A screen shot of some of the people who joined the 2020 virtual Bishop’s Ambassador gathering on October 8, 2020.

In the past 20-years, the Legacy of Faith Endowment Fund has distributed 1000 grants totaling more than $3.7 million to foster the Catholic faith in the Upper Peninsula. The three bishops that have led the Bishop’s Ambassador organization (Doerfler, Sample, Garland) gathered with Ambassadors and guests to reminisce and underscore the importance of endowment growth for long-term sustainability. A St. Paul, Negaunee parishioner was recognized with the Catholic Service Award and two individuals gave powerful testimonies of transformative moments of giving and receiving. Watch the entire recorded event, or jump to any parts of interest!

1:00 Opening slide show of photos from Bishop’s Ambassador gatherings over the years
1:42 Welcome & Catholic Service Award by Bishop John Doerfler
7:50 Giving Testimony by Robert Bink
14:25 Beneficiary Testimony by Olivia Theut
21:30 Bishop James Garland
28:40 Archbishop Alexander Sample
42:45 Bishop John Doerfler
52:30 Q&A with participants
1:10:00 Closing Remarks by Laurie Stupak
1:15:50 Closing Prayer by Very Rev. Allen Mott

Interested in joining the Bishop's Ambassadors? Click here to learn more!

Bishop's Ambassadors Pledge Card

    Note: If you wish to establish a new endowment fund, please contact us to discuss your wishes and to create a fund agreement.

    $1,000,000$500,000$250,000$100,000$50,000$25,000I have included the UP Catholic Foundation in my will and the amount will be at least $25,000

    QuarterlySemi-AnnuallyAnnuallyAmount Enclosed

    1 Year3 Years5 Years