About LOF

Our mission is to preserve and foster the Catholic faith in the Upper Peninsula. This is accomplished through endowment building and grant making that supports, enhances and expands the base educational programs and services of our Diocesan Church.


Excellent programs require substantial, consistent and permanent funding. Legacy of Faith is a permanent endowment that provides a stable base for that funding.

Established in 2001 by Bishop James H. Garland, the Foundhttps://upcatholicfoundation.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=1748&action=editation assets are managed for long-term growth in a socially responsible manner that upholds Catholic values and teaching.

An advisory board stewards the mission of Legacy of Faith to preserve and foster the Catholic faith in the Upper Peninsula. They assist in recommending grants to be used in support of the Catholic schools, faith formation, Catholic Social Services and the Bishop’s targeted objectives within the Diocese of Marquette. The most pressing needs of the Diocese are considered, along with future growth of the Legacy of Faith and financial stability of the supported Catholic schools, parishes and Catholic Social Services.

Can you imagine a better return on any investment?

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