#iGiveCatholic: A Snowballing Success

#iGiveCatholic: A Snowballing Success

Parishioner Jim Gray of Hessell is joyful that St. Florence Mission, Drummond Island, achieved a 200% increase this year in new online donors for #iGiveCatholic. “This was a great opportunity for parishioners to give to the church by kicking off the charitable season and bringing the Catholic community together to give thanks.  We are especially excited to have such a significant increase in participation this year at St Florence and hope that we can expand this potential even further in the years to come”.

For the fourth consecutive year the Diocese of Marquette has participated in the national #iGiveCatholic giving day, and each year has drawn more givers and raised more money for parishes, Catholic schools and ministries. This is a snowballing success for the people who will benefit from the 44 different ministries that were supported this year.

The number of givers increased from 178 in 2020 to 253 in 2021. The total amount raised also increased from $32,600 in 2020 to $41,263 in 2021. A total of 44 different ministries received gifts.

A diocese-wide contest was offered to help organizations generate new online donors to #iGiveCatholic. Congratulations go out to three organizations that each achieved a 200% increase in the new online givers and will split the $1,000 cash prize:

  1. St. Florence Mission, Drummond Island
  2. St. Mary Catholic School, Sault Ste. Marie; and
  3. Sacred Heart School, L’Anse