Sisters on the Frontlines

Sisters on the Frontlines

Photo description: This 2019 file photo shows Bishop John Doerfler with some of the sisters serving in the Diocese of Marquette

The Diocese of Marquette has received three grants for the “Sisters on the Frontlines” program. The program provides grants of $1,000 per sister to Catholic sisters working directly with people impacted by COVID-19. All funding must be used for direct assistance to people in the communities where the sisters work, but otherwise each sister has discretion on the best use of this funding.

The diocese submitted a grant application on behalf of seven sisters working in the diocese. The five sisters not receiving a grant at this time are still eligible and may receive a grant in the coming weeks.

We extend our gratitude to all Catholic sisters working on the frontline in the U.P. Thank you for your selfless service to the people.

Funding comes from Catholic Extension in partnership with the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, FADICA, GHR Foundation, Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, and the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, to respond to the immediate needs of communities impacted by COVID-19.