St. Anthony Parish Endowment Fund

St. Anthony Parish Endowment Fund

Pictured Above: Parishioners of St. Anthony gather outside for Easter Vigil.

Father Allen Mott has taken an important step in establishing a parish endowment for St. Anthony in Gwinn. He understands the value of its growth over time and has committed to not taking distributions until the fund has reached a substantial level of worth, thus ensuring its benefits to the parish.

“Over time I have grown to love being generous with what God has given me! The natural result of being generous now with people I know leads me to want to help unknown people in the future,” shares Father Al.

Benefits of a Parish Endowment in the UPCF

  • An endowment fund allows for a long-term approach to financial stability for a parish.
  • A well-established endowment can ease a parish’s financial burdens in future years.
  • Only a portion of the income generated from donations is spent.
  • A contribution to an endowment fund will last forever.
  • All we have is a gift from God. Leaving a long-term gift honors God’s gifts to us.
  • A gift to an endowment fund leaves a lasting legacy for future generations of Catholics.

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